When it comes to the landscaping around our home, we typically tend to focus on things like the trees, shrubbery, water fixtures, patio area, etc. Landscape lighting tends to take a backseat in the art of exterior design, but that really shouldn’t be the case. 


We personally think that landscape lighting is vastly underrated. Think of all the different light fixtures that could be added to your front and backyards— twinkle lights illuminating your trees, small solar lights placed throughout your gardens, unique wall light fixtures, string lights with hanging mini-lanterns— the possibilities are virtually limitless. 


Here are some of the advantages of incorporating outdoor lighting into your home’s landscaping. 




Quite obviously, landscape lighting is an easy way to enhance and beautify the appearance of your home, especially after dark. Strategically placed light strings and fixtures can highlight the architectural features of your home. They also can add visibility to the gorgeous shrubbery planted outside your home, and in that way, you can show off your plants both day and night. Overall, the illumination will make your house stand out in your neighborhood. 




Landscape lighting is extremely helpful in increasing the functionality of your outdoor spaces. With the appropriate lighting, you’ll be more inclined to use your front and backyard after the sun has set. Lights hung around your deck posts, patios, front porch, etc. will make nighttime hangouts outside much more enjoyable and relaxing.