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4 Ways to Protect Your Pet From Electrical Dangers

When you adopt a pet, you want to make sure that they are safe and happy in your home. One element of keeping them safe is protecting them from electrical hazards that could hurt or kill them. The pros at The Electric Company recommend these preventative measures to help keep your pet away from electrical dangers.

Place Your Furniture Strategically

The strategic placement of your furniture can block your pet’s access to electrical cords and outlets, greatly reducing the chances that they will mess with these items and get hurt. Run cords behind sofas and other furniture so the cords are out of sight. Avoid running cords under carpets and rugs, as this raises the risk of them overheating and catching fire.

Discourage Chewing With Special Sprays

Cords that must be left exposed can be treated with a pet deterrent spray that will make chewing on the cords very unpleasant to your pet. These sprays work by coating the sprayed items in a film that tastes terrible, and after a taste, your pet won’t want to experience it again. Different types of pets have different tastes that deter them, so make sure that the spray that you get is intended for the type of pet you are targeting.

Unplug Things You Aren’t Using

Many people do not know that devices and appliances are still using electricity when turned off if they stay plugged in. Even though the amount of electricity being used is smaller, it is still enough to harm your pet if something unfortunate happens. Most electrical devices can be unplugged without negatively affecting their performance. A power strip can be used for surge protection and to unplug a bunch of things with one action.

Invest in Safer Electronics

Cheap electronics are more likely to break or have electrical issues than their more expensive counterparts. They are easily affected by the humidity common to a Modesto, CA spring, have thinner cords that are easier for pets to chew through, are more likely to overheat or throw sparks, and may lose pieces that make it harder for your pet to access the electrical components. Investing in electronics that are safer will save you money in the long run and reduce the risk of harm to your pet.


Electrical hazards can be very dangerous to your pets, and they do not know how to keep themselves safe, so you must do it for them. By being proactive and taking steps to keep them away from the danger, you greatly reduce the chances of them getting hurt. For more tips on how to keep your pets safe from electrical hazards, call the team at The Electric Company today!

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