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Electrical Panel Repair and Replacement in Modesto, Ca

If your electrical panel is old or your electrical appliances and fixtures don’t work like they used to, then The Electric Company can help you. We’re one of the best for electrical panel service in Modesto, CA, whether you have electrical panel issues or need any other type of electrical work.

The Electric Company is locally owned and operated, so our reputation and good name stand behind every job that we do. If ever you’re not satisfied with our work — although we know you will be — we’ll make it right. We guarantee all our work and use only fully licensed and bonded electricians. 

Our up-front pricing guarantee means that you’ll never be unpleasantly surprised when you receive your bill. We stand by our estimates, and we’ll never recommend that you get work done if you don’t need it. Our rates are competitive, and we strive to keep them that way.

What's the Function of an Electrical Panel?

Electricity comes into your home from a power pole that’s located on the street or, in some locations, underground. The electricity has to be converted into the type of power you need for your home, which occurs in your electrical panel box. Usually, a residential panel box will have 110/120-volt lines routed to the rooms in your home, and some rooms may have one or more 220/240-volt lines. All of these come from individual circuits that can be interrupted by a circuit breaker.

The power is then wired throughout the house to the various light switches, outlets, and lights. Your electrical wiring is in constant use, and sometimes, it needs to be replaced at the breaker or in individual rooms. 

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Are There Indicators of Electrical Panel Problems?

Any of the following may indicate that your electrical panel needs attention:

Sometimes, the cause is a faulty breaker rather than the entire panel, so you may need to have just the faulty breaker replaced if you already have a newer panel. 

Are There Benefits to a Panel Upgrade?

Aside from the safety factor, upgrading your electrical panel can provide several benefits to you as a homeowner, such as: 

Monthly electric bill: Newer panels are much more energy-efficient than their older counterparts, and you may save enough in a few months to make the upgrade cost-effective.

Improved performance: When your appliances and fixtures aren't laboring to provide the service you need, they can last longer and work more effectively.

Property value: When you upgrade your electrical panel, your property value may increase.

Decreased premiums: A new electrical panel may lower your homeowner's insurance due to the decreased likelihood of a fire hazard. Older panels are known for sparking and arcing, but a newer panel can eliminate that possibility.

Replacing or improving your home will always provide you with benefits. However, replacing your electrical panel or some of your circuit breakers isn’t a DIY project. Always hire a professional electrician to work on the wiring in your home, no matter how knowledgeable you are in the trade. If you’re not fully licensed and you make electrical repairs to your home, your insurance company might not pay for damages if an electrical problem caused them.

Need Electrical Panel Installation in Modesto, CA?

If the electrical panel in your Modesto, CA home needs repair or service or replacement, then The Electric Company should be your first choice. Call (209) 396-4618 to schedule an appointment or an estimate. We’ll provide you with the prompt, courteous, and professional work that we’re known for.

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