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6 Signs That Your Home Needs New Wiring This Spring

Springtime in Modesto, CA has perfect weather for completing all those home improvement projects you have been putting off. One task to tackle every spring is checking your home’s electrical system to see if you need new wiring. Faulty and damaged wiring is the leading cause of fires in residential homes, resulting in billions of dollars in property damage each year. Here are six signs that your home needs some new wiring this spring.

1. You Have Remodeled or Expanded Your Home

Remodeling or expanding your home creates a new space that will most likely have electrical needs. Placing the wiring in the proper areas and merging it with the existing electrical system can be a complicated task requiring professional assistance.

2. You Own an Older Home

Technological advances over the past few decades have dramatically increased the electrical load of the average home, and the electrical systems in older homes may not be able to keep up. If your house was built before 1985, you should have the wiring professionally inspected to see if rewiring is advisable.

3. Electrical Outlets Shock or Buzz

If you are getting shocked by the outlets in your home, or you hear a buzzing noise while you’re near them, it’s a clear indication that the wiring in your home needs a professional review. Stains or discoloration around the electrical outlets can indicate that your home is experiencing power surges, which pose a big fire risk.

4. Fuses Are Blowing Frequently

If you find yourself replacing the fuses in your home frequently, it is an indication that the electrical system cannot handle the load that is being placed on it. Our certified electricians can help you assess your electrical needs and make the necessary changes.

5. You Smell a Burnt Odor

The presence of a burnt smell emanating from the walls is a sign that there is a short in the wiring. Wiring shorts can cause sparks that ignite devastating electrical fires, so they must be addressed immediately.

6. You Notice Flickering or Dimming Lights

Lights that flicker or dim unexpectedly may have loose wiring or some other significant wiring issue. If the flickering or dimming occurs when you plug in or power on some other device, it could indicate that you are overloading the electrical system.


Putting new wiring in your home is a big job that should be done by a certified electrician to ensure that the wiring is installed properly and in compliance with all local electrical codes. Ensure your home’s wiring is up to date and efficient by scheduling a consultation with The Electric Company’s licensed electricians today!

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