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7 Signs Your Home Needs Rewiring

Often, many do not think about rewiring their homes until something goes seriously wrong. This is because electrical wiring is designed to be long lasting. Even though electrical wiring has been constructed to last for decades, it still degrades over time and thus needs to be replaced.

Additionally, older homes need to be rewired to keep up with the demands of modern-day appliances and electrical usage. To significantly decrease the chances of electrical-related catastrophes, it is vital that you know the seven signs your home needs rewiring.

1. The Wiring in Your Home Is Old

Older homes have a lot of character. They have a rich history and are beautifully designed. However, the wiring in older homes was simply not designed to withstand today’s electricity usage. Today’s appliances and electronics place more of a demand on home electrical systems than they have previously, and the wiring in older homes cannot keep up with the demand. If too much demand is put on a home’s electrical system, electrical fires can result. If you live in an older home that still has its original wiring, you need to have it rewired.

2. Your Home Was Built With Aluminum Wiring

If your home was built between the years of 1965 and 1973, chances are high that your home has aluminum wiring. Have your home inspected by a licensed electrician to determine if there is aluminum wiring in your home. If aluminum wiring is found, you need to have it replaced right away because such wiring has been known to cause electrical fires.

3. Lights Flicker Often

If you have made sure all of your lightbulbs are not loose but still see flickering lights, this is a sign that there is a problem with the wiring in your home. Wiring connections may be loose, or there may be faulty wiring somewhere.

4. You Smell Persistent Burning Odors

If you smell a persistent electrical burning odor in your home, this is likely due to a problem with your home’s wiring. Either there is a problem with the wiring connections or your wires are faulty. Electrical shortages can occur that cause sparks to form and burn your wires. Outward signs that your wiring is faulty or damaged are discoloration or burn marks on your outlets and light switches. If you are not able to see any outward signs of faulty wiring on or near your outlets, the problem is happening inside your walls.

5. Not Enough Outlets

Older homes do not have as many outlets as modern homes, and this is because people did not rely so much on electronic devices. If you live in an older home and find yourself relying heavily on power strips, it is time to think about having your home rewired.

6. Circuit Breakers Trip Often

A circuit breaker tripping occasionally is no big deal. Circuit breakers are designed to trip so that overloaded circuits do not cause electrical fires. If your circuit breaker trips several times in a single month, you have a serious problem. Your wiring is either faulty or damaged and needs to be replaced.

Do not wait to address your home’s wiring issues because putting them off can be dangerous. If you are a resident of Modesto, CA or the surrounding area and need rewiring services, contact The Electric Company.

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