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Electrician in Lodi, Ca

Small jobs like replacing a lightbulb are easy enough to do, but intensive electrical repair and maintenance services are better left to a professional, and that is exactly what we at The Electric Company offer. Proudly serving as certified electrical contractors in Lodi, CA, we provide dependable and exceptional electrical services to help make your home improvement dreams come true. 

Armed with a get-the-job-done attitude and years of experience, our friendly and fully licensed electricians will help guide you through the smoothest customer service experience with honest pricing. Our services at The Electric Company include everything from lighting and panel replacements to code upgrades and EV chargers. Quality work is what we do, so if you are ever in need of first-rate electrician services in Lodi, CA, you may contact our (209) 396-4618 for an estimate.  

Qualified Commercial Electrician

Commercial electrical services are a completely different ball game compared to residential ones. If your business needs quick, top-notch electrical work, give our qualified electricians a call at The Electric Company right away. 

In today’s modern age, mediocre electrical work has no place in your business, and our qualified commercial electrician in Lodi, CA will guarantee you get professional service. After all, the smallest electrical hiccup can affect your business and lead to revenue loss. 

To help you, not only are our licensed electricians equipped to handle any commercial electrical work, but they also serve all types of commercial and municipal buildings and properties, including schools, government buildings, retail stores, and offices. We diagnose, repair, install, and maintain your electrical system for you, so if you’re in need of an electrician in Lodi, CA, we are a call away. 

For a reliable electrician in Lodi, CA, contact The Electric Company today to schedule service: (209) 396-4618!

Indoor Lighting Services

The right lighting will not only bring warmth but also help turn a house into a home, and that is what we, at The Electric Company, aim to deliver with every job. Providing services for indoor lighting in Lodi, CA, our certified electricians will take care of all your lighting needs whether you need a simple electrical lighting repair or want a specific lighting layout to bring out the beauty of your home.

We are happy to perform any lighting installations you need, including:

Additionally, our friendly and licensed electricians also offer outdoor, security, and landscape lighting services, should you need them. If you’re looking for an electrical technician in Lodi, CA, then we’re your team. 

Quality Panel Repair and Replacement

Sometimes called the load center, distribution board, or main breaker box, electric panels help distribute electrical currents to the different circuits in your home. Unfortunately, not even the best ones can last forever, and when a failure happens, it’s necessary to call a licensed electrician. Offering quality panel repair and replacement in Lodi, CA, our qualified and friendly electricians have a full understanding of today’s electrical needs to help repair or replace your breaker panels.  

EV Chargers Installation

Electric is the way of the future, and it can be seen in the increase of electric car and truck users in the Lodi, CA area. Meant to point us in a more eco-friendly and gasoline-free direction, electric vehicles are now more common, with more facilities now needing their own charging stations. 

If you plan on making the switch soon as well, then we at The Electric Company are available to assist. Offering EV chargers in Lodi, CA, our well-trained electricians have all the expertise needed to build infrastructure for battery-powered and hybrid cars. So, make the right choice by contacting us at The Electric Company today! 

Affordable Code Upgrades

Keeping those inside your home or property safe should be a top priority, and that means making sure your infrastructure is up to par with today’s electrical standards. But how do you know if you need a code upgrade or correction? Here, at The Electric Company, we have just the expertise. Providing affordable code upgrades in Lodi, CA, our licensed electricians are here to diagnose, modify, and correct your property’s electrical code to make sure a disaster doesn’t happen. 

At The Electric Company, we believe that prevention is leagues better than cure, and so our top electricians will always be available to assist any time of the week.

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