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Enjoy Safe, Happy Holidays With Quality Electrical Surge Protection

Electrical surge protection is essential when you decorate your home for Christmas and the general winter holiday season. Your attractively lit festive decorations may include Christmas tree lights, sparkling window decorations, and multiple strings of indoor and outdoor lights. When all are plugged in and brightly shining, your home’s required electrical current can suddenly skyrocket.

Other Major Causes of Household Electrical Surges

Additional common causes of serious electrical surges in your home can include the following.

Faulty Wiring

If your home’s circuit breakers trip frequently, you may have poor or damaged electrical wiring. Any exposed wiring can be damaged when nearby heavy furniture is moved against it or from everyday use. If you notice a burning odor near an outlet, this is often a warning of faulty wiring.

Electrical Overloads

If any electrical outlets in your home have too many appliances or holiday decorations connected to them, the circuits overload. The excess power required can result in a massive current surge. This can damage your electrical equipment and holiday decorations.

Unapproved Extension Cord Use Outdoors

If you use extension cords for connecting your outdoor holiday decorations to electrical outlets, check their approval for outdoor use. Unless these electrical cords are designed for connecting outdoor decorations or appliances, their use may cause an electrical surge. This could result in a power outage for your home.

Electrical Storm Conditions

If an electrical storm occurs in your area during the winter holidays, your home’s electrical system may be damaged by lightning. This lightning strike can cause a serious power surge before you have time to unplug your electrical devices and decorations. Yet, if your home has power surge protection, you can avoid damage to appliances, holiday lighting, and other decorations.

Helpful Home Safety Tips for Preventing Power Surges

How can you protect your home from damaging electrical surges? The following safety tips can help prevent these power surges, disruptions, and outages in your home during the festive holiday season.

Avoid Amp Overloads

By following the “80% rule,” you can avoid amp circuit overloading in your home. Never load a 15-amp circuit to more than 12 amps, and limit the load of a 20-amp circuit to 16 amps.

Replace Old Lights and Frayed Cords

Examine your holiday decorations before using them. Replace any damaged or worn electrical cords, and upgrade incandescent light bulbs with LED lights. LED bulbs require less electricity, and they last longer while producing less heat. Upgrade all extension cords for outside lighting to approved cords for outdoor use.

Request Power Surge Protection Services

Contact your electrical power provider and request a power surge protection check or upgrade for your home, if needed.

Make Quality Home Surge Protection Your First New Year’s Resolution

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