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Incorporate These Electrical Safety Tips Into Your Next Family Gathering

During a family gathering, you’ll want everyone to have a great time and to be safe. One thing that we don’t think about too often is the potential for an electrical fire, but it is a real risk that actually increases during the holidays. Our team at The Electric Company has provided some tips that can help keep everyone safe.

Be Careful With Decorations

When it’s dark and gloomy in Modesto in the winter, decorations and lights up can make a place feel more inviting. There are a few things to remember if you plan on plugging in decorations this holiday season. First, you’ll want to keep your indoor lights inside. This way, they’ll be protected from the wet weather that often comes to Modesto, CA in the fall and winter. If a string of lights or other electrical item gets wet, it could malfunction. A worse scenario would be if its wiring gets compromised, which could cause someone to get shocked or cause sparks or smoke.

Another thing to keep in mind is that decorations can get worn down. You may enjoy putting up the same holiday lights every year, but perhaps time has taken its toll on the wiring. Alternatively, a little creature may have found its way into the storage in your attic or garage and chewed off some of the wiring insulation. When you plug in decor that has poor insulation, sparks could fly and you could be at risk.

Can Your System Handle the Load?

We’ve all gotten accustomed to using electrical devices pretty much everywhere. When you have guests over, they’ll likely be bringing their personal devices over as well. You may start to run out of outlets, in fact. There is a potential that you could overload your electrical system. This is especially true if you use a space heater or are using certain appliances more frequently to handle the demand from all the extra people at your place. To be safe, it’s a smart idea to have your electric system inspected by a professional this fall. At The Electric Company, we have electricians who can check if:

  • You have faulty wiring anywhere
  • Your system is up to local code
  • Your circuit breaker is properly wired
  • Outlets near water sources are GFCI

We can spot potential problems and can address them before it’s too late. A small concern like a loose outlet might not seem like a big deal, but if someone gets shocked or the flow of electricity is disrupted, a major issue could arise.

Being proactive about keeping up with your electrical system and being smart about your holiday decorations can go a long way in protecting you and your guests. Call our team at The Electric Company for more information.

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