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Indications That You Need to Rewire Your Home

When the California sun beats down on your house, the last thing you want to worry about is your AC failing. However, if you have an older electrical system, your AC may suffer and eventually stop working. Though you can make small repairs each time you have a problem in your Modesto home, there will come a point when the best option is to rewire the system. Check out some of the signs that rewiring your home is a good option before you decide to work with us at The Electric Company.

Frequent Outages

Modesto power outages often happen when the power grid has a problem or it can no longer support all the people who use it. If you have frequent outages but notice that your neighbors still have power, it’s time to take a look at your electrical system. Older homes often have fuse boxes and require that you change the fuses when one blows. Newer California homes use circuit breakers that shut off when they experience too much power. Your home may need rewiring because the old wires can no longer handle all of the power you use.

Burning Smells

House fires are a serious problem that can leave you without a home for weeks or even months. Electrical problems with old wiring can cause such a fire. One tool you can use to determine if you should rewire your Modesto home is your nose. Do you often pick up a burning odor, even when you’re not cooking? That scent is a big sign of an electrical problem within the walls. It can let you know that the wiring runs so hot that it actually burns. You may also notice some dark spots on the walls and around your outlets.

Lack of Outlets

When you buy a new home, you consider many different things. The number of outlets that each room has may not be on your list. It’s not mandatory that you rewire your home because you don’t have enough outlets, but electrical rewiring can add one or more outlets to every room.

Electric Shocks

Pay attention to electrical shocks, too. Electrical shocks that occur when you plug in an appliance or device are a sign of old or poor wiring. You may feel a mild tingling that goes away within a few seconds or a more severe shock that moves through your body.

Because of the old wiring it has, your Modesto home might be at risk of a fire breaking out. Damaged wiring can also cause many problems that range from electrical shocks to outages that happen frequently. The Electric Company can rewire your home and make it work for you again. Call today for electrical upgrades or any other work you need.

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