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Save on Energy With These Six Spring Cleaning Tips

Spring is the transition between winter and summer, and this provides us with an opportunity to refresh our homes, reduce our carbon footprint, and lower energy costs. So that you could enjoy significant savings on your energy bills, we’ve put together a list of six spring cleaning tips that will help.

1. Replace the Filter in Your HVAC System

Experts recommend changing the filter in your HVAC system every couple of months; however, if your family is large or if you own pets, you will want to change your filter more frequently. Dirty filters will cause your HVAC system to work harder, which will drive up your energy bills.

2. Switch the Rotation of Your Ceiling Fan

Change the rotation of your ceiling fan. During cooler weather, your ceiling fan should turn clockwise so warm air is pushed downwards. Now that spring is upon us, you’ll want to switch the rotation of your ceiling fan. It ought to now be turning counterclockwise because this will draw up cool air and help it to circulate it better. You will also reduce how much energy the ceiling fan uses, which will allow you to save on utilities. You should be able to find a switch on your ceiling fan that will allow you to change its rotation. If you cannot find this, contact an electrician for help.

3. Have Your HVAC System Inspected

Spring is the time to have your HVAC system inspected to make sure it will work efficiently throughout the summer. During this inspection, the technician will check all your system components to see that they are functioning optimally. A system that works well will not consume as much energy. If the technician finds any problems, you will be able to fix them before they turn into something serious.

4. Dust Your Home

When too much dust accumulates, this interferes with how well your electronics work. Spring cleaning is the time to dust thoroughly so your electronics will not have to work harder and draw more electricity.

5. Clean Behind and Beneath the Refrigerator

So much dirt and dust accumulate beneath and behind the refrigerator, and much of it makes its way into the condenser coils. This can cause your refrigerator to work less efficiently. The harder your refrigerator must work to do its job, the more electricity it uses. In addition to cleaning the area around your refrigerator, vacuum the condenser coils.

6. Have an Electrician Clean Your Outlets

Dirt and grime can build up in outlets, especially in those that are located in the kitchen. When your outlets are cleaned, they will work more efficiently, and there will be less of a risk of an electrical fire. Additionally, you will cut energy costs because there will be no dirt and grime present to interfere with electrical contacts.

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