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Bucket Truck Services in Modesto, CA

Functioning overhead lighting is not just a convenience — it’s essential to the safety of your customers and the continuing professionalism of your business.

Whether you’re in need of parking light services, business sign repair, or neon sign repair services, we at The Electric Company are ready to promptly resolve your issue with our state-of-the-art bucket truck.

What is a Bucket Truck?

A bucket truck, also known as a cherry picker or aerial lift, is a vehicle equipped with a hydraulic pole and a bucket platform. This specialized equipment allows our licensed electricians to safely reach heights and areas that would be otherwise inaccessible, providing a stable platform for performing various electrical tasks to get your equipment back in working order.

Common Bucket Truck Services We Offer

Neon Sign Repair:

Neon signs are a popular choice for businesses looking to stand out, but a malfunctioning sign can quickly make your storefront appear unprofessional or shoddy. Our bucket truck allows us to reach and repair neon signs safely, ensuring they continue to shine brightly and attract customers.

Parking Lot Light Repair:

Well-lit parking lots are essential for safety and security. With our bucket truck, our technicians can quickly address any issues with your parking lot lights, from bulb replacements to fixture repairs.

Outdoor Sign Repair:

Whether your high-placed sign has succumbed to regular wear and tear over time, or it’s been damaged from a storm, our bucket truck services will restore your outdoor signs to their former glory.

Security Light Repair and Installation:

Security lights are crucial for ensuring the safety of your business. With our bucket truck, we can install or repair security lights at optimal heights for maximum coverage and effectiveness.

Electrical Upgrades for High Areas:

Whether it’s installing new light fixtures or upgrading electrical systems in high places, our bucket truck allows our skilled electricians to quickly install and upgrade your property.

Why Choose The Electric Company for Bucket Truck Services in the Central Valley?

Our dedication to delivering top notch electrical repair services to the Northern Central Valley has cemented us as a reliable go-to for the community.

To every job, we bring:

If you need bucket truck services in Modesto, CA, look no further than The Electric Company. Call us today at (209) 396-4618 to schedule an appointment, and let us swiftly and securely take care of all your high-reaching electrical needs!

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