Top Warning Signs That Indicate Your Lighting Needs Rewiring

If the lights in your home are not working properly, wiring issues may be the culprit. The following are warning signs that your lighting needs rewiring.

Lights Flicker Continuously

One surefire sign that your lighting needs rewiring is that your light fixtures flicker continuously. Wires may be burnt or frayed, or it is possible that connectors are loose. You will need an electrician to replace burnt or frayed wiring, and you will need help tightening the connections. The circuits may also be failing, and you will need to replace them.

Loose wiring behind light switches can also cause lights to flicker. The same is true of having dimmer switches that are incompatible with the type of bulbs you have.

Light Fixtures Buzzing While On

Buzzing lights can also suggest there is a wiring problem. Though your lights can sometimes buzz when you use another appliance, such as your microwave, this is often an indicator that the wiring is worn out and needs to be replaced. Loose connections can also cause your lights to buzz.

Light fixtures may buzz because of wear and tear as well. Over time, fixtures can become loose or damaged, and they need to be replaced.

Lights Keep Going From Bright to Dim

Sometimes, the brightness levels of lights will fluctuate when you need to replace the bulb. If the problem persists once you have a new bulb, you are potentially contending with a wiring or circuitry issue. You may need new wiring, as the current wiring has worn out. If an electrician has confirmed that the wiring is in good shape, you may need an electrical panel upgrade because the circuit that the lights are on is overloaded and cannot handle the current power demands.

Lights Will Not Switch On

Lights that will not turn on indicate a wiring problem, especially if you have just replaced the bulb, and there is nothing wrong with your light socket. The wiring behind the light switch may have come loose, or there are loose wires in the light fixture itself.

Burnt Marks and Discoloration on Light Switches

If you see burnt marks or discoloration on your light switches, this means they are defective and need to be replaced. There is an issue with your wiring that is causing arcing. Arcing occurs when a connection problem causes electricity to spark. When the spark burns or discolors your light switch, it is no longer usable.

Light Switch Is Warm to the Touch

A light switch that is warm to the touch is a clear sign of damaged wiring. If you ignore the problem, the issue may cause a fire.

Wiring issues must always be fixed by a licensed electrician to ensure the safety of you and your family. If you notice any of these warning signs in your Modesto, CA home, contact The Electric Company for lighting services without delay.

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