3 Ways to Protect Your Electrical Panel From Damage

Home electrical panels can last for decades, especially when they’re properly maintained. Unfortunately, though, there are some ways that your electrical panel could be damaged or simply not be safe to use. People in Modesto, CA, use the electricity in their homes for all sorts of reasons, including everyday activities and recreation, and it’s a hassle to struggle with your electrical panel. But there are some ways that you can limit the likelihood that something will go wrong with yours.

Invest in Whole-House Surge Protectors

A lightning strike to the home or to one of the main electrical lines in your neighborhood could cause a surge of power that could damage the electrical equipment in your home. Unfortunately, it could also damage the electrical panel to the point that you need to get a new one. Getting a whole-house surge protector is one of the easiest ways to protect your home from major damage from lightning and other reasons your system could be overloaded with a surge of power.

A surge protector designed for the whole house is hardwired into the electrical panel. This type of surge protector will help protect the electrical panel and individual appliances from big surges of energy by providing a grounding effect so that extra electricity is diverted and stored elsewhere.

Avoid Overloading Circuits

Circuits get overloaded when you have too much energy that you’re running through a single circuit. When electrical panels are overloaded, you’re putting your system at risk of catching on fire. You can lessen the likelihood that you’ll overload an electrical panel by ensuring that you don’t have too many appliances and electrical outlets running through the same circuit. You also need to ensure that major appliances are on their own circuits.

Additionally, there might come a time when you need to upgrade to a bigger electrical panel to accommodate the extra appliances that you have in your home. This is especially true when you make an addition to your home, and it’s even becoming a more common need as time goes on because people’s need for electricity has become higher as homes have become more reliant on technological devices than they were even a couple of decades ago.

Protect Electrical Panel From Water Damage and Corrosion

When there’s an electrical panel on the outside of a building, there’s an increased risk of water from weather getting inside the box if there are cracks in the outside of the box. You need to ensure that your electrical panel is sealed on the outside to prevent water and other corrosive elements from getting on the metal and wires inside. This can also cause circuit breakers to malfunction.

If you’re concerned that your home’s electrical panel might not be up to par in terms of safety or functionality, make sure that you talk to a qualified electrical technician. Catching problems sooner rather than later can save you from problems with your electrical panel that could cause further damage or even something as dangerous as a fire. Need electrical services? Contact The Electric Company today.

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