Indicators That Your Home Needs Rewiring

At the turn of the 20th century, wiring was starting to be installed in the average home. Unfortunately, much of that wiring is still being used today by unknowing homeowners. If you’re experiencing any of the indications below, it’s time to think about having your home rewired.

You Have Knob and Tube Wiring

One of the first types of home wiring methods was knob and tube wiring. Over the years, this type of wiring has been determined to be highly dangerous in certain situations. It isn’t rated to handle a lot of moisture, so it’s not ideal to have it in your wetrooms. Additionally, any exposed wiring can get pushed into your building materials and cause a fire.

Your Circuit Breakers Trip Often

Circuit breakers are a safety feature that turns off the electricity to any circuit that has exceeded the number of amps that are authorized to be used. This helps to protect against dangerous power surges that could result in electrical fires. Unfortunately, when your Modesto, CA, home has outdated wiring, it may not have enough power going to particular circuits to run the electronics that you desire. Having your home rewired gives you the opportunity to increase the amperage for your home so that you don’t constantly trip your circuit breakers.

Discolored Receptacles and Switches

If you notice that some or all of your outlets and switches seem to be discolored, it could be due to your household wiring. Degraded wiring paired with loose connections can unintentionally let electricity escape into the open. These sparks can cause small flames that singe your receptacles and switches. Getting your wiring updated is a must to help prevent a house fire.

Flickering Lights

If you’ve tried twisting those bulbs tighter and they won’t budge, it’s likely that you have faulty wiring in your home. This problem can allow irregular connections to happen, which will result in flickering lights. Updating your wiring is an absolute necessity before you end up with no power going to your lighting circuits.

You Smell a Persistent Burning Odor

If you have faulty wiring that is letting sparks escape into the open, they’re creating small flames. This can give off a burning odor that may be hard to determine where it’s coming from. Whenever you get a consistent whiff of a burnt electrical smell, it’s time to call an electrician. You never should let that burning odor go as it increases your risk of experiencing a house fire.

When you experience any of the issues above, it’s a sign that your house’s current wiring needs to be redone. It’s highly likely that you don’t rely on a car made in the early 1900s, so why on earth would you rely on old wiring technology? It’s time to get an upgrade by calling the professional electricians at The Electric Company today!

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