What You Need To Know About Outlet Safety

Most homeowners in Modesto give little thought to their home’s electrical outlets as long as they work when something is plugged into them. However, we all need to adopt higher standards for our electrical outlet expectations to ensure the safety of the devices we plug in, our home, and our loved ones. If an outlet does not function correctly, don’t just find another one and forget the issue. That simple choice to overlook the problem could lead to an electrical fire and life-altering events.

Signs Of Electrical Outlet Safety Issues

There are many indications that there is a problem with one of the electrical outlets in your home. If you notice any of these issues, call (209) 396-4618 to schedule a service call immediately to eliminate the hazard from your home.

  • The Outlet Feels Warm – The outlets in your home should never feel warm or hot. The heat coming from the outlet is a sign of an overload to the circuit and wiring. If not corrected immediately, you could be facing an electrical fire in your home.
  • The Outlet Smells Like Smoke – You should never smell or see smoke coming from an outlet. That smoke is letting you know of a small fire inside the outlet or wall of your home. The overloaded circuit has created more heat than the wiring and insulation can handle, and it is now beginning to smolder and burn.
  • The Outlet Is Scorched – Even if you do not see sparks or smell smoke at the moment, an outlet with scorch or burn marks on it is a sign of trouble. It lets you know that there has already been a small fire in the electrical box that has melted or deformed the outlet and faceplate. Do not use the outlet and call a licensed electrician to locate the issue and correct it immediately.
  • A Cracked Faceplate – The faceplate on an outlet is designed to keep dirt and debris out of the electrical wiring and protect anyone plugging something into the outlet. If the faceplate is cracked, it is not doing either job and must be replaced to eliminate the risk of an electrical shock or damage to the wiring from dirt.
  • Plugs Fall Out Of The Outlet – If you have trouble getting a plug to remain secure in an outlet, stop using the outlet immediately. It should be replaced to ensure everyone’s safety. That worn-out outlet should also serve as a sign that other components could be reaching the end of their safe service. A professional electrical inspection is a wise choice to avoid future safety issues.
  • An Unreliable Outlet – If you have an outlet that only works part of the time, or you need to jiggle the plug to get the item to work, something is wrong. Stop using the outlet to avoid an electrical fire and call in a pro for an evaluation.

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