Why Your Christmas Lights Should Be Professionally Installed

Once December rolls around, many families in Modesto and the surrounding communities begin putting up their Christmas lights. While for some families this is a novel tradition, others find it a hassle or even dangerous. You may not have realized having your lights put up by a professional electrician was even an option. Here are the great benefits for you and your family.


Putting up holiday lights can be dangerous. You may need to go up a ladder or onto your roof to hang them. This is risky in the cold and icy conditions of winter. Ladders can easily tip if you do not use them carefully.

There are also electrical hazards. It’s easy to blow fuses or even damage your whole electrical system by overloading it or using lights not rated for outdoor use.

Our professional electricians know how to put up lights safely and efficiently. They can make sure you don’t suffer an unfortunate electrical overload or even a fire due to your lighting display.


DIY is great, but it isn’t easy. Many families start off with a specific image in mind but don’t have the skills or equipment to execute their vision.

Professionals can help you create a lighting display that will wow you and your neighbors. They can create an amazing design that highlights your home. They can also bring innovative design ideas you hadn’t thought of.

Better Quality

The average setting of lights sold in a store are decent, but they may not give the effect you want. Professionals have access to high-quality LED lighting that will look great and withstand the weather.


Everyone has had the frustration of taking out their lights and finding a bulb is burned out. Even worse, it may happen after you’ve already hung up your lights. Our professionals can handle any burnt-out bulbs so that you can relax.


Another annoying factor is having to store and retrieve your Christmas decorations from storage. Then, you need to hope they aren’t damaged from a year in your garage or shed.

By working with professionals, you don’t need to worry about the hassle of removing and storing decorations. They can take it down for you, and they may even have a great storage service so your decorations stay safe until next year.

Hire the Professionals

Working with a professional electrician makes your Christmas season less stressful and much safer. At The Electric Company, we can handle your outdoor decorations while you make the inside of your home a festive wonderland. We can also provide electrical upgrades, surge protection, and rewiring solutions.

Contact us today and enjoy a bright and cheerful Christmas.

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